Agrifirm announces collaboration with Protix


Agrifirm announces a collaboration with Protix that will result in the launch of various new initiatives using insect based ingredients from Protix. The initiatives range from the development of concepts for broiler, layer and pigs as well as targeted applications for a circular soil improver.

Dick Hordijk, Agrifirm’s CEO: “We are proud to join forces with another Dutch pioneer in circularity and sustainability. This collaboration is in line with Agrifirm’s mission to create a responsible food chain for future generations. The future of food forces all stakeholders in the global food system to reconsider their old assumptions on how food is made, where it comes from and whether it is actually healthy and sustainable. A responsible food chain for future generations can only be achieved if all stakeholders are truly willing to change their habits. A responsibility that also leads to business opportunities. We believe that there is a clear opportunity to develop more concepts like “OERei”, an innovative egg concept which Protix launched successfully some months ago.” Protix is the first and largest producer of certified, high-quality and sustainable insect ingredients. Its products ProteinX, LipidX and Bloosom are produced at a world-class production facility and are based on the black soldier fly. With their focus on pioneering and drive to create a low-carbon footprint society they aim to challenge and rigorously improve the food system. Tarique Arsiwalla, founder and Chief Commercial Officer Protix: “With Agrifirm we have found a valuable partner, new customer and supplier with a lot of knowledge and experience. The company has a clear ambition to bring positive and lasting change by creating a more sustainable and circular food system and we are proud to actively support each other in our mission”. Ronald van de Ven, director of Agrifirm North-West Europe: “Protix’s culture of execution fits in well with our ambitions. We will extend our research with their ingredients and develop exciting new products and concepts for chicken, layer and pig farmers in the Netherlands and beyond. We will also broaden our scope and are very excited to fully explore the potential of Protix’s natural soil enhancer containing high organic content and additional properties. We will execute extensive field tests and work with the Protix team and many potential customers to further commercialize this into new products that are healthy for us and the planet.” This announcement comes in the wake of a significant capacity expansion that Protix is currently realizing in the Netherlands and that will be in full gear in Q2, 2019.

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