EAAP Webinar: “Taking Flight: How the insect farming industry is growing”

October 25, 2022 all-day

The 14th EAAP Webinar titled Taking Flight: How the insect farming industry is growing is organized in collaboration with the EAAP Study Commission on Insects. The Study Commission on Insects addresses all questions in the area of biomass as substrate for insect rearing, nutritional requirements of insects, insect production, ethical aspects, processing methods of insect products, feeding value of insects (products) in animal feed, functional properties of insect products in animal feed, market applications, regulatory issues, consumer acceptance, environmental and socio-economic sustainability.

The first presentation will be given by Lars-Henrik Lau Heckmann, from “Better Insect Solution” (Denmark) which will present “Diversifying into the insect sector – an equipment supplier’s perspective”Thomas Farrugia from “Betabugs” (UK) will then talk about “All Producers, great and small, our industry needs them all”The third speaker will be Daniel Murta from “Entogreen” (Portugal) with his work titled “Together we can do so much: Partnerships in the insect protein sector”. Finally, the last talk will be titled “Taking account: Measuring sustainability of insect protein”, presented by Sergiy Smetana from “DIL – German Institute of Food Technologies” (Germany).

Register here: https://meetings.eaap.org/webinar/taking-flight-how-the-insect-farming-industry-is-growing/

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