SUSINCHAIN Online Workshop

October 7, 2020 all-day

SUSINCHAIN´s online workshop on Wednesday will be aired on 7th October 2020. The aim of the workshop will be to discuss the most relevant supply-side barriers to large-scale commercialisation of insect proteins in Europe. These barriers will be further explored during the SUSINCHAIN project, with the aim of overcoming them to increase the economic viability of the insect value chain and to open feed and food markets for insect-derived products.

The SUSINCHAIN project (which is funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme) aims to test, pilot and demonstrate recently developed technologies, products and processes, to realise a shift up to Technology Readiness Level 6 or higher for insect chains based on Black Soldier Fly, Housefly, Mealworm and Crickets for feed and/or food production. One of the actions needed to realise this aim is to organise various relevant workshops.

The discussion at this workshop will be led by Dr. Teun Veldkamp (Coordinator) and the Work Package Leaders of SUSINCHAIN. The workshop will take place online and last from 9.45h to 14.15h CEST (latest at 15.00h CEST), with the first part of the workshop being devoted to working groups on specific supply-side barriers, and the second part to a roundtable discussion on the most relevant barriers and potential solutions to overcome them. There will be a break between 12.30h and 13.00h CEST.

A final agenda for the workshop and all further details, including our online platform will be sent to you well before the workshop.

We will also send you an invitation to participate in an online survey, which we would kindly ask you to complete in advance of the workshop (expected to be sent by second half of September). The survey results will feed into the discussion at the workshop, and your participation would therefore be very much appreciated.   

Please click here to register and confirm your presence.

We appreciate very much if you could fill the registration form at your earliest convenience, latest by Friday, 18th of September 2020 at 18.00h CEST.

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