IPIFF’s “Guidance: the provision of food information to consumers”

IPIFF has published the Guidance: the provision of food information to consumers. This Guidance document provides recommendations towards best labelling practices, building from obligations derived from Regulation (EU) 1169/2011. ‘We also wish to raise awareness regarding the excellent nutritional properties of edible insects – a label in line with EU best labelling practices is the first step in order to transparently inform consumers’, complemented Marijn Lanting, Chair of the IPIFF Working Group on ‘Food Safety & Consumers’. Concurrently, IPIFF is also launching a one-page factsheet that summarises the relevant nutritional and health benefits of edible insects and their potential contribution to a well-balanced diet (hereinafter – ‘insect nutrition factsheet’). ‘Edible insects are popular in numerous countries across the globe and they are known to be a viable complementary source of proteins, minerals and vitamins. During the past years, more and more Europeans wish to integrate edible insects in their diet to combat nutrient deficiencies or as functional food’, concluded Bastien Rabastens, IPIFF Executive Committee Member.

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