Update: A-Z of insect protein/oil companies

source: allaboutfeed

Insect based ingredients as valuable additions to livestock and fish diets is a hot topic. But who is doing what and where? All About Feed has updated its list of companies from around the world, active in producing insects or insect meal/oil for livestock and fish.

Insect protein companies are popping up everywhere around the world, although a lot of knowledge and companies are seen in the Netherlands and France. These 2 countries have been pioneering in insect research and production already from the very beginning of the insect-meal revolution. Most of the companies use the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly larvae (Hermetia illucens). This species is also known for its high conversion rate from feed / substrate to protein. Also the housefly and mealworms are used quite often. Take a look at allaboutfeed. The 35 companies are listed in alphabetical order.

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